annotated bibliography for obesity

This article talks about different programs that have seemed to work in the past. It also includes research that the programs conducted which show what does and does not work. It has lots of programs stretching from informing 3 rd and 4 th graders in schools to research on brain function that has been proven effective.
Beran, M. S., Fowles, J. B., Kind, E. A., & Craft, C. E. (2008). State of the art reviews: Patient and physician communication about weight management. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 2(1), 75-83. Retrieved from This source provides a study done to examine the differing
Woods 1. Annotated Bibliography. Who is to blame for the obesity in America, the people or the restaurant industry? Michael Woods Professor Malcolm Campbell English 1103 10/15/12. Woods 2. Annotated Bibliography Al Jazeera "Who Is to Blame for the US Obesity Epidemic?" - Inside Story Americas Web. 16 Oct. 2012.
Obesity in America : An Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents. Introduction. Obesity is a diseased defined by "having an abnormally high proportion of body fat" or a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30.[i] The effect that this disease has had on the nation in recent years is incredible. Nearly two-thirds of American
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Annotated Bibliography 1. Blackburn, G. (2010). Lifestyle interventions for the treatment of class iii obesity: a primary target for nutrition medicine in the obesity epidemic. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 91. Retrieved from Obesity is a rising crisis that is growing faster than
Annotated Bibliography. Refrences Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2010. Childhood Obesity, Retrieved on October 17, 2012. States many facts that have occurred in our time related to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years.
This article speaks more about the science of what causes diabetes and obesity. The article discusses how food additives are causing food to become more unhealthy for people. Food crops and animal livestock are given multiple drugs in order to produce more meet or crops, which can be bad for the American people.
The Collaborative Annotative Bibliography of Amir, Brandon, Justine and Laurel 1. Brown, Rachael. Ogden, Jane. (2004) Children's eating attitudes and behaviour: a study of the modelling and control theories of parental influence. Health Education Research, 19(3) pg 261-271. Retrieved from
Annotated Bibliography for Childhood Obesity. Child obesity became a very serious issue that is taking on the health of the nation's children. It is everyone responsibility to work on preventing and reducing childhood obesity, from the parents who are suppose to care about their children's health, to the public health

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